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Free online tool to tune your ukulele by ear. Select a ukulele (Soprano or Baritone), and click „play“ to adjust the pitch of the string as accurate as possible. Alternatively, you can also use our Online Uke Tuner or Pocket Ukulele Tuner App for Android (free) using your device’s microphone to tune

How to Tune Your Ukulele With Your Microphone. If you have a built-in microphone and are using a desktop computer, you can tune your ukulele with the above online chromatic ukulele tuner. In this video lesson, from the free 14-video lesson Learn to Play Ukulele Today course, learn how to tune your ukulele.

Tune your uke before you jam, by ear or microphone, with our ukulele tuner! This online tuner supports all of the most popular ukulele tunings.

Use Fender’s ukulele tuner to tune your ukulele. Choose from standard or alternative tunings or create a custom tune for your ukulele.

Online Ukulele Tuner. Use this free online ukulele tuner to tune your ukulele. This online tuner is special because you are able to change the notes to what you want, this is especially useful if you are using Alternate Ukulele Tunings.The default tuning is the standard GCEA ukulele tuning.

Mikrofon-Ukulelen-Tuner. Die einfachste Methode zum Stimmen einer Ukulele ist die Verwendung eines mikrofonbasierten Stimmgeräts. Sie können jede Saite auf der Ukulele direkt in ein Mikrofon spielen, das während des Spiels Echtzeit-Feedback liefert. Sie können visuell sehen, ob die Note zu flach oder zu scharf ist. Mit dieser Funktion

Keep your Uke in tune with the most advanced online Uke tuner, compatible with the 7-most popular ukulele tunings.

Online Ukulele Tuner. On this page you can tune the ukulele (soprano, tenor, concert) online through a microphone. How to tune an ukulele? Click „Turn on“ under the tuner. Allow access to the microphone. Play open strings on ukulele and tune them according to the tuning of A4, E4, C4, G4.

UkuTuner offers you a free and easy-to-use online ukulele tuner to keep your ukulele in tune without the need of a tuning device. Wide range of different tunings available!

Using an electronic tuner is by far the easiest way to tune your ukulele. If you’re just starting out with the ukulele, use a tuner. You can branch out into other tuning methods as you become more experienced. Although electronic tuners vary in their displays and modes, most are basically the same. The best type []

Tuning with Electronic Ukulele Tuners. There are many different types of electronic tuners out there. Some are cheap, while others can be very expensive. There are two basic types of tuners for you to choose from – tuners that produce a tone that you use to tune your string by ear, and tuners that show you on a small screen what pitch your

24.04.2014 · 50+ videos Play all Mix – Best Online Ukulele Tuner – Standard Tuning (g C E A) Island Tuning YouTube How To Play Ukulele – Beginner Lesson 1 – Easy Chords, Strumming And Songs – Duration: 12:03

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We’re excited to offer this new Ukulele Tuner with Pitch Detection. It is however a work in progress, and may not work with all devices Although you can use our main Ukulele Tuner on mobile devices, the pitch detecting tuner uses Flash so is not currently available on mobile. We hope to rectify this soon.

Free online guitar tuner from Fender. Tune your acoustic, electric or bass guitar, select from standard tuning, 12 alternate tunings or customize your own!

The digital ukulele tuner found in the GuitarTuna app may be just what you have been looking for. But having an incredible tuning app in the palm of your hand on your smartphone is one thing, but our uke tuner also boasts additional features that help you to up your game with your playing ability.

21.01.2013 · This tuning tutorial is appropriate for soprano, concert, and tenor size ukes. Any electronic tuner should work- just be sure it’s in chromatic mode. Baratone ukes will work the same general way

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GoZheec Guitar Tuner and Capo Set, Clip-On Tuner Digital Electronic Tuner Acoustic with LCD Display for Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele, Banjo (5 Pcs Picks Included) (Tuner + Capo)

We’re excited to offer this new Guitar Tuner with Pitch Detection. It is however a work in progress, and may not work with all devices Although you can use our main Guitar Tuner on mobile devices, the pitch detecting tuner uses Flash so is not currently available on mobile. We hope to rectify this soon.

Snark Clip On Electronic Ukulele Tuner. Snark Clip On Electronic Ukulele Tuner. The latest word in electronic clip on chromatic Ukulele tuners, the Snark has a full colour display, fast and accurate tuning and a ’stay put‘ clip that allows the display head to rotate through 360 degrees.


Electronic Ukulele Tuner Software OTuner v.1.0 Free open source GPL instrument / musical chromatic tuner (like an electronic guitar tuner ) for Windows, Windows Mobile, & Pocket PC.

Ukulele tuners are some of the most helpful tools that you can have to help maintain your instrument’s tune. Some people may not require tuner devices because they have a precise ear, but it is still very handy to have. Here you will know what makes a good ukulele tuner such as accuracy, ease of use, versatility, and size. Get to know these

Here is how to tune your Uke using our online chromatic tuner: Grant access to your microphone when prompted; Place your Ukulele as close to the microphone as possible; Select the string you want to tune (or tick „Let the Tuner auto-detect strings“ to make tuning easier) Play a note for the string you’re on

Online Guitar Tuner. Hello! You have found the fastest and right way to tune your guitar