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CAMERA SETTINGS. I leave most settings at their defaults. I reset everything every time I use my camera, much as a pilot uses a checklist before flight to prevent any switches from being in the wrong position. When I don’t check first, I often have left my D200 in some screwy mode from shooting in the dark the night before.

Nikon D200 Menü System-Menü Formatieren. Erklärung: Formatiert die Speicherkarte, wobei alle auf der Speicherkarte befindlichen Bilder gelöscht werden – auch die mit dem „Schlüssel-Symbol“ geschützten. Dies ist identisch mit der Formatierung durch gleichzeitiges Drücken der Lösch- und „MODE“-Taste. Ein Formatieren der Speicherkarte löscht alle Bilder unwiderruflich und

Nikon D200 custom settings The Nikon D200 has been described as the ‘D2x Lite’, because it has most of the best features of the awesome D2x and added a few new features into the mix. Therefore this page is similar to the page on the D2x custom settings.

Nikon D200 settings. These are the D200 settings I like. Find the ones you like.

21.10.2006 · If you want the best quality, always use NEF (the Nikon RAW format), all other settings are mostly irrelevant. The RAW format has all the information captured by the sensor (12 bit color instead of 8 bit like JPEG or TIFF) unprocessed. On the D200 there’s a setting for compressing RAW’s. I can’t see major differences between compressed and

Nikon D200 Controls Control Enumeration, Command Dials Here’s our usual „walk around the camera,“ this time starting with the two Command Dials, the Main Command Dial and the Sub Command Dial

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Shooting Menu Bank A a10 AF-ON MB-D200 AE/AF-L+Focus Area Shooting Menu Bank B a10 AF-ON MB-D200 AE/AF-L+Focus Area Menu Reset Default b1 ISO Auto Off Menu Reset Default b1 ISO Auto Off Folders Default b2 ISO Step Value 1/3 Folders Default b2 ISO Step Value 1/3 File Naming MJH b3 EV Step 1/3 File Naming MJH b3 EV Step 1/3

Download firmware for Nikon digital products (firmware being the built-in software that controls cameras and other devices). To view descriptions, cautions, and download and installation instructions, click “View download page”.Note that a card reader or other equipment may be required for some firmware updates.

22.11.2010 · Gary Fong, a professional photographer for 20 years, explains how to set your Nikon DSLR for a good mix between automation and creativity for the

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Settings in the Custom menu are not affected by the two button method. To perform a full reset of the Custom menus, select the reset option in the custom menu (users of the D7000, D200, D300, D300S, D700, D2 series , D3 series, and D4 may also need to perform a reset in the Shooting menu to reset all functions). Resetting the D3100

20.06.2009 · It has multiple film settings including black and white in low medium and high contrast. It does a pretty creditable job in any of these settings. While I own a D200 as well I must admit I have never been tempted to try to shoot in BW mode with it partly because the option is buried in a hierarchy of menu settings. In the L1 its accessible from

My Favorite Settings The D700 has so many AF sensors and has such intelligent logic that I usually set my D700 to the „dummy“ Big White Rectangle mode. In this mode, the D700 magically and automatically identifies the correct AF sensor (or sensors) and just uses them.

Optional MB-D200 battery pack extends shooting capability, enhances stability, and provides the further shooting potential of added controls; Built-in Speedlight with i-TTL flash control and full support for Nikon’s Creative Lighting System; Support for the Wireless Transmitter WT-3 enables direct cable-free image transfer to a compatible computer

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What settings do I use for macrophotography? Which Macro Lens should I buy for my Nikon camera? How to do macro photography with Nikon D200.