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Well, since this site is apparently filled with good rappers, I figured I ask what is the best line you’ve ever came up with? Whether it be a punchline, inspiration, or a diss. I don’t rap and

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03.06.2016 · (ALL) When RAPPERS Hear New Beats Jay Z, Kanye, Puff Daddy, DJ Khaled, Future, Kendrick Lamar – Duration: 12:43. Chamandy Beats Recommended for you

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i’m always fucking high so much we might have kids – lil wayne. 1-2-3-way 4-4 makes 8/ 9 times outta 10/ Its 11 or a 12-Gauge/ Friday the 13th/ Thats the day that Hell raised me/ But ya

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16.06.2018 · How To Write Rap Punchlines is easy if you use a tool that auto populates the nouns for you. This will help you stay creative as you figure out How To Write Rap Punchlines and get better and

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Die besten Punchlines und Rap Zitate. Als Punchline bezeichnet man Zeilen aus Rap-Songtexten. Solche Rap-Zitate enthalten häufig Vergleiche, welche absichtlich übertrieben dargestellt werden. Bei sogenannten Rap-Battles zwischen Rappern, wird typischerweise vom Publikum entschieden, wer seinen Text am besten in Diss-Lines und Reime verpacken kann. . Bekannt für solche Punchline-Battles sind

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03.06.2018 · Who never dreamed of throwing a good punchline to his boss, his ex or his mother? Tell us in comment the best punchline that you’ve told someone in your life! And you can find us here: Subscribe

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26.05.2019 · Pour lutter contre le mal de crâne, il y a l’aspirine. Pour lutter contre la méchanceté, il y a les punchlines. On a lu vos pires commentaires de la saison e

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27.03.2007 · AW: Lustigste Punchlines!!! Ich bemal meinen Schwanz und deine Frau erlebt ihr blaues Wunder“ „Meine Eier sind so dick, man nennt sie auch die Erdnüsse“ „Meine Faust macht sich in deiner bemerkbar, wie Akne“ „Hab bei deiner Mum schon öfter eingelocht als Snookerprofis“ „Guck ich bin Hammer, denn du wirst grade von mir genagelt“

The hardest thing is to forgive, but God does Even if you murdered or robbed, yeah it’s wrong, but God loves Take one step toward him, he takes two toward you

I have a Hammerhead and Piranhas for balls, they’re chomping Devouring and fucking all these pussy, candy wrappers, everyday In this thirsty food chain, like it’s Hometown Buffet

06.07.2016 · On today’s episode of Advanced Rap Tips, we cover a single tip on how to become a better writer by improving the quality of the content in your punchlines. I go over a simple writing formula that

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21.10.2019 · How to Write a Rap Punchline. The punchline of your rap is a heavyweight hitter. Pummel your rap rivals to leave ‚em bruised and bitter. No matter if you’re a one-liner or a couplet punch spitter, you’ll never hit hard as a quitter. Prep

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16.06.2006 · Post Good Punchlines You Heard.. Ps. Post What Artist Said It Also Becuz I Tend To Like Punchline Rappers 🙂 Heres One. „God Gave Me Brains In Both Heads, So Everytime I Masterbate ‚I’ma Stroke Of Genius“- Vakill

Ha let the Lil Wayne sarcasm trolling began but weather you like it or not he’s had a few decent ones but whats your fav Metaphor, Play on words, or Punchlines “I rip off ya skin just to get

For rap aficionados, Lil Wayne’s 2006 mixtape is a masterpiece of lyrical virtuosity. This track was not only one of its best moments, it was virtually prescient: Lil Wayne would become a frequent

HOT Hip_Hop/RNB #punchlines, Secunda. 26 likes. *We celebrate the creativity of mordern musicians, *Music is life

What do you do when your hot pants catch on fire? Put them out with your pantyhose. 19. The guy in front of me at 7-11 left his Breathsavers on the counter. The cashier said I could have them, but I have abandoned mint issues. 20. A drummer’s wife had quadruplets. He wanted to name each one Anna. She asked how they will tell them apart. He

13.01.2006 · juice – „i leave this mutha****a so hot it will be sizzlin i havent even started my reign im only drizzling“ breeze evaflowin – „*****s so pussy when they spit dicks slide out“ big L – „ask beavis i get nothin but head“ juice – „my tape’s so dope it should have came with two syringes“ juice has plenty of sick punchlines

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La cadence dans son rap . Il joue plus avec le mots que n’importe quel rappeur. Ses textes sont les meilleurs sans oublier kery James . Il est le plus technique des rappeurs en France . Il est le rappeur le plus instruit, le plus diplomé . Il est le meilleur rappeur de l’histoire du rap Mc solaar l’a confirmé.


Die besten Punchlines und Rap Zitate (Seite 5) Als Punchline bezeichnet man Zeilen aus Rap-Songtexten. Solche Rap-Zitate enthalten häufig Vergleiche, welche absichtlich übertrieben dargestellt werden. Bei sogenannten Rap-Battles zwischen Rappern, wird typischerweise vom Publikum entschieden, wer seinen Text am besten in Diss-Lines und Reime verpacken kann.

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„Rap now ain’t nothing but a circus of clowns/ a whole lot of lip from cliques I probably rap circles around“ „I’m the next best to reach a peak formerly known/ as the best kept secret I guess that i just leaked it“ „Dancin with the devil leadin, I won’t die, I’m never leavin/ I pledge allegiance to forever breathin“ „My momma ain’t raise no fool

The latest Tweets from Unused Rap Lines (@UnusedBars). How is it that these bars have gone unused throughout the history of rap punchlines?

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13.06.2013 · Alright so everytime i listen to a rap song there are these crazy metaphors and punchlines and stuff like that, but when i get to writing a song i can never come up with anything like that even if I think about it forever!!

I know these jokes are supposed to have punchlines. But I still have yet to see one cup of juice here. As a blind man it’s hard to make up jokes on the spot because I can’t forsee a punchline. See what I did there? Because I didn’t. Johnny became a mailman after hearing how they always slept with women as part of the punchline of jokes. He figured he’d tell the jokes to mothers as he dropped

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15.10.2014 · G-Hot JAW 5 „Du hast Geld bekommen, lass mal dein Geld teilen / Scheiß drauf ich nehme alles, meine Freundin will verreisen/“ Fler Sido Bass Sultan Hengzt 6 „Bei mir wirst du nicht wirklich was hören von rationalen Themen / selbst mein Psychologe meint er würde mir Ratiopharm empfehlen/“ Maxim (K.I.Z.) Kool Savas Hollywood Hank 7 „Mein Sohn ist ne coole Sau denn er chillt mit meiner

„Rap now ain’t nothing but a circus of clowns/ a whole lot of lip from cliques I probably rap circles around“ „I’m the next best to reach a peak formerly known/ as the best kept secret I guess that i just leaked it“ „Dancin with the devil leadin, I won’t die, I’m never leavin/ I pledge allegiance to forever breathin“ „My momma ain’t raise no fool

Its tough to decide on just one rap song or just one line which I like the most. These are few of the lyrics of some talented rappers which I keep going back to, will keep updating this list as and when I recollect more songs: 1.) Big D: Rage of A

It’s a harsh world out there, particularly if you’re on top—or gunning for that role. But let’s face it: it’s two MCs battling for rap supremacy that can bring out the best in both of them, and

10.05.2011 · Best punchlines you’ve heard in a song/rap battle Skip navigation. Sidebar – Advanced search options → I’m above and beyond hot, my measurement in watts Time rate and flow of energy ain’t never gon‘ stop Pressure’s on, I won’t pop, microphone I won’t drop Gemstones niggas cop ain’t shit if I ain’t in the spot It’s the Orion of the Hop, the new star of the Hip I shine a light for the

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At first listen, it sounds like Nicki references Cardi B’s rap moniker Bardi when she drops the line “bury the Barbie,” but that’s what’s so clever about Nicki’s wordplay is her

30 Fly Raps That Are More Romantic Than Any Famous Quote About Love

Die besten Zitate und Sprüche von Capital Bra. Capital Bra (bürgerlich Vladislav Balovatsky), auch als Capital, Capi, Bratan oder Joker Bra bekannt, ist ein deutscher Rapper mit russischen und ukrainischen Wurzeln. Bekanntheit erlangte er zunächst durch seine Auftritte beim Rap-Battle Format Rap

Ich suche nach Wortspielen oder Punchlines wie zum Beispiel. Wortspiel: „Du frägst mich nach einem Ratschlag, doch wenn ich dich von deinem Rad schlag, macht du einen Radschlag.“ Es ist dabei egal ob Ihr die selbst erfunden habt oder ob ihr die von einem anderen Rapper habt. Würde mich freuen wenn ein paar zusammen kommen.

Punchlines, Rap Français. Kaaris > Or Noir > Paradis Ou Enfer. 0 | Commenter. Par, le 26 octobre 2013. Votez ! +195 « C’est pas en faisant tourner les joints que cette putain de roue va tourner. »

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Cloud-Rap, Punchlines oder Cypher sind keine Fremdwörter für dich und du stehst auf gepflegte Reime und fette Beats? Dann ist unser neuer Webchannel ENERGY German Hip Hop genau das Richtige für dich! Neben zahlreichen Klassikern von Sido, Samy Deluxe, Seeed oder den Beginnern gibt’s natürlich auch hier die besten neuen Hits von RIN, Bausa, Cro oder Marteria zu hören.

16. „Let God deal with the things they do. Cause hate in your heart will consume you too.“ –Will Smith, Just the Two of Us Suggested by samanthag435ec0a37. 17. „There was nothing equal for my

Punchlines, Rap Français, Argent, Explicit Lyrics. Vald > XEU > Primitif. 2 | Commenter. Par, le 2 février 2018. Votez ! +569 « Ils veulent ta gloire et ton succès, mais pas de tes peines et tes souffrances. »

Best Hip-Hop Punchlines. 818 likes. This page highlights notable punchlines all throughout the Hip-Hop History. Also, post lyrics you want shared along with who can be quoted!

On this episode of People’s Party, Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh converse with long-time friend and Kweli-collaborator Ras Kass. They discuss the MC’s legacy as a lyrical heavyweight on the west coast and he reflects on how he feels about his song “Nature Of A Threat” almost 25 years later.

On the 16th anniversary of his untimely death, HotNewHipHop looks back at some of Big L’s hardest and funniest punchlines. ‚The crown is still mine cause I drop ill rhymes.‘ Big L, Rest In Peace

Big Sean has a caption ready for you. Big Sean is no lyrical slouch. The range of emotion he can evoke— from tenderness to inspiration to amusement— is in large part thanks to his verbal

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18.03.2008 · „im the Best of Both Worlds, without the hidden camera and the 12 year old girl“ Immortal Technique „he a dead man, for thinkin he can walk through muddy waters like redman, banks blacked out and let the gun blam without a M-E-T-H-O-D, man (wu-tang)“-the Game (300 bars & runnin) „Yo, I got slugs for snitches, no love for b#tches,

20 Punchlines From 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards That Prove Rap Ain’t Dead . Published on: Oct 6, 2016, 2:44 PM by Trent Clark. 23. For the 10th straight year, the 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards solidified

Punchlines, Rap Français, Racisme, Religion, Tolérance. Zoxea > Tout dans la tête > C’est Nous les Reustas. 6 | Commenter. Par, le 22 juillet 2014. Votez ! +1306 « Je suis discret dans les affaires, y’a seulement Dieu et le soleil qui me crame. »

Kasi rap & punch lines, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. 908 likes · 13 talking about this. All about hip hop, kasi rap and punch lines remember kasi made us

meine gedanken drehen sich um rap, shit sie tuns fast krankhaft-ich komm, leg ne line, liefer dir ne schlammschlacht-bis dir schwindelig wird un sie dich begraben in nem sandschacht! du suchst abwechslung, das hier is and’rer natur-leute meinen, ich sei innerlich tot, ich wand’le nur-doch bin ich fertig mit spitt’n, liegst du punk verbrannt im

There are a million things to love about rap. The catchy beats you can’t help but dance to and the sometimes-humorous lyrics to name a couple, and seriously, we’d never get through a solid

So many so we can up with The 25 Best Eight-Bar Verses In Rap History. Remember, just because it’s half a verse doesn’t mean there’s any room for half-stepping.

Use Supa Hot Fire’s Best Punchlines and thousands of other assets to build an immersive game or experience. Select from a wide range of models, decals, meshes, plugins, or audio that help bring your imagination into reality.

Punchlines, Rap Français, Explicit Lyrics, Religion, Télévision. Seth Gueko > Bad CowBoy > Dodo La Saumure. 2 | Commenter. Par, le 2 mai 2015. Votez ! +592 « Je reste un gosse à part que la tise a remplacé les friandises. »

30.05.2007 · „u could nod ur head to this like its only a rap, but when these bullets hit yo a*s im like its only a gat“ styles „hawk the size of croc-dundee’s, bury you wherever u could only use skiis, and ill bring to any one of your dogs like fleas“ sheek louch

post the best rap punchlines you heard in a song or if you think of one. It aint even gotta be rap, post the best punchlines from any kind of music.

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